Bank vs Bond

Differences between Bank Bonds and Surety Bonds

Only the performance risk lies with the surety, where the bank has the financial risk on the construction project.

Bank Pros & Cons

  • Nominal Fee 1-2% for the facility
  • Established relationship - Bank knows your Accounts making the process easier
  • Way they are structured makes them more akin to On-Demand
  • Required to put up the full amount of the Bond value from day 1 (Have to have cash value)
  • Bank has no claims department and may pay and call on the bond without investigating
  • Seriously hinders Free Cash Flow for the duration of the contract

 Surety Pros & Cons

  • Won't pay out until satisfied that the bond has actually been contractually broken
  • Does not affect your free cash flow
  • Way they are structured is Conditional
  • Surety companies charge a higher % than banks, typically 1-7% (based on companies financial strength)
  • Asks for counter Indemnity
  • May ask for Personal Guarantee
  • Process can be arduous as Surety’s have to establish financial strengths from a standing start